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“15 minutes a day reading and updating ourselves on the Markets. 15 more making our Options Trades for the day. We've both enjoyed a very solid income that has allowed us to live life on our terms, from these 30 minutes alone, for over 15 years. And we're going to teach you how.”


“I wish their formal course and structured coaching had existed when I started out. I'm happy to have made over $100,000 in my first year in their pilot program, but my returns would have been 3-4x that had the real Theta Options Trading Course existed.”


Theta Trading

Stock Options Academy

Theta Options Training Course

Two full day course taught by omar and matthew, covering these topics:

We have built our flagship course based on the methods and approach we use. There is definitive and disciplined way we trade at Theta Trading. We do not waiver.

  • The Foundations of The Stock Market.
  • Overview Mainstream Stock Trading Investment Strategies.
  • Overview of Trading Options.
  • Technical Analysis Of Making Profitable Stock Option Trades.
  • Theta Trading Secret Way Of Trading Options.
  • 6 Month Coaching


Through the advancement of technology literally 99% of our trades are executed through our smartphones allowing us trade anywhere in the world there is an internet connection. Anywhere.


Maximum effect. Minimal slippage. We believe wealth creation should be efficient. This does not mean easy. It means efficient. Maximizing expected returns on a risk adjusted basis. Can you defend your trade to your future self?


Emotions in everyday life are the building blocks of our personal relationships but they are not needed when trading. We must train our minds to be disciplined and emotionless when making investment decisions. 

We believe a key ingredient of personal freedom is financial freedom, and financial freedom comes from three pillars:

1. Owning a business or other private equity 

2. Real estate investments 

3. Financial markets 

30 Minute Stock Trader

six-figure side hustle in 30 minutes a Day 

Let us help build your empire.


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